Sole Complete


Looking for a simple, natural and effective product to rid your animals of stubborn thrush issues? Sole Complete is an easy to use spray, allowing it to run deep into crevices where bacteria hides.

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  • Sole Complete is all natural, and is fast acting to provide relief of thrush and white line issues. It is also very effective on abscesses!
  • Sole Complete has a unique mini spray applicator to provide pinpoint accurate application, while keeping spills, drips, and over-spray to a minimum. It has a locking trigger, keeping it from leaking in your truck or tack box. It also sprays from any angle, allowing easy application no matter which foot you are treating.
  • This product easily washes off your hands with soap and water. No more purple stains on your hands or in your barns!
  • Sole Complete contains NO Alcohol, Formaldehyde, or Gentian Violet.
  • Since it has no caustic effect, it does not burn or sting when applied, even on sensitive tissue.
  • Apply once daily when problems are present until results are achieved, or use two or three times weekly on animals as a preventative before problems appear.
  • Guaranteed results!

Please Note: If your horse has an open wound in the bottom of the foot, or has very severe thrush that is open and bleeding, always consult with a trusted farrier or veterinarian before using any topical products.

For Wholesale Purchase please Contact Us