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The Hoof Pro Story

Nearly 35 years ago, a young farrier in Tennessee was trying every off the shelf product available at that time to help his customers take excellent care of their horse’s feet. Time after time, it seemed like no product was really making a difference. Frustrated by the lack of results, he consulted with a well known Equine Veterinarian, and together they began testing their own formulations. Soon after the testing began, the results were obvious…each horse it was used on showed improvement in some way. Since then, the formula has continued to improve to contain the finest ingredients to produce big results in your hoofcare routine.

Horsepeople from every discipline all seem to say the same thing about ‘Hoof Pro’…”If you use it, it will work!”

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“I have been in the horse industry for 32 years and have tried most of the hoof dressings on the market. Jeff Stubblefield’s Hoof-Pro has proved to be superior to all. The health of my horses hooves has greatly improved. I won’t use anything else! We own a carriage service. The pavement is a true test to moisture and cracking. Hoof-Pro keeps the horse’s hooves in excellent condition. It has helped repair dryness, grow a healthier hoof, and keep it in great condition. Thank you for a great product!” – Kathleen Kerr

“I was introduced to ‘Best Secret’ by a friend. Having nothing to lose, I took a chance and started using it. I can honestly say I was astonished by the results. I’m so glad I took pictures of the healing process. Day one the wound was open and draining. By day five the wound had quit draining and was already beginning to heal together. By the tenth day, the wound was healed over and hair was returning to the skin. Today you can’t even tell there was ever a scratch there. I have to say I have never seen a wound product work faster or better than Best Secret. Try it on any wound you may encounter, and you will definitely see results.” – Evan